How is China economic construction recovery after COVID-19?

Today is the 7th solar term of the 24th solar terms in Chinese traditional festival. We call it “Lixia”, and also named as the Beginning of Summer in English. It will bring abundant rain and lead directly to the harvest. Thus an agricultural adage is that ” no rain, no rice”, and ” no rain, we will hang up the hoe”. In inperial China, the emperors would perform a special rite to greet summer on that day. As the hot weather would cause people to lose weight and become exhausted, it became the custom to weight and drink tea as this was considered a guard against the torrid weather. 

From a global perspective, the epidemic not only brings difficulties to the world economy, but also brings certain opportunities. As far as difficulties are concerned, he believes that some countries heavily affected by the epidemic account for a relatively large part of the world economy, so the “pandemic” of the epidemic poses a severe challenge to the global industrial chain. Shah said: “The 10 countries most affected by the epidemic this time accounted for about 60% of the global total, and manufacturing accounted for about 65% … The United States, China and Germany are the three major leaders in the global industrial chain These three countries are severely affected, and the global industrial chain will be greatly affected. “

Along with the summer is coming, the temperature changes higher and higher. All parts of life has been regained from the virus in China. People go out to take activities, workers start to work, shopping malls is open, everything is better and better. Now let us show you how it changes after the corono virus in China.

Farmers go back to grassland to prepare plant. They use mini excavator to dig and make the soil fresh, there is different attachment of mini excavator, such as breaker, auger drill, ripper, log gripple, etc, then use mini dumper to transport grass and leaves. Construction companies start to supply the door to door service to help their customers to fix and repair mini excavator, mini dumper, plate compactor and other machinery. All the buildings people come back to city more and more, it is with life noise again. Office buildings open again and people go to work. 

China’s manufacturing industry was affected more in February, and the rest of the world was also affected to varying degrees. With the development of the epidemic, manufacturing in Europe is expected to be sluggish in March and April. In addition, due to the downtime during the epidemic and the impact of the economic downturn, global demand also showed a downward trend. Pointed out that developing countries and small and medium-sized enterprises were greatly affected by the epidemic. Many developing countries rely on exports, and at the same time they are weak links in the global industrial chain and are susceptible to external environmental influences. The declining demand is especially fatal to SMEs, because unlike large enterprises, SMEs are less automated and do not have sufficient cash flow. The suspension of work during the epidemic for several months may directly lead to bankruptcy.

Shah believes that the epidemic can also have a positive impact on the world economy to a certain extent. For example, regional trade “may usher in new opportunities”, and the local industrial chains in some countries and regions will receive more attention. In addition, in the development of the epidemic, the driving force for technological innovation has been strengthened. For example, in order to assist China in responding to the epidemic, the International Trade Center and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies launched the “China Month” project, which aims to provide online training to Chinese scholars, government departments, and SMEs to promote the application of innovative technologies.



Post time: May-05-2020
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