Plate compactor QTP9160

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“TRADE PEAK”Plate compactors ,Superior compaction in any direction forward and reverse, ideal for sand, gravel and mixed soils in narrow trenches and along foundations, walls and abutments…

1) Steel base plate provides better durability

2) Open plate provides self cleaning

3) Easy-remove water tank with built-in valve and no hose connection

4) Radius base plate for easy access to corners

5) Centrally located lifting bar allows easy transport

6) Sealed belt cover to prevent sand and soil in

Plate Compactor

Model QTP9160 QTP9255 QTP9195
Plate Size 580X500mm 520x445mm 870x670mm
Centrifugal Force 20000N 13000N 39500N
Exciter Speed 5500vpm 5500vpm 4000vpm
Compaction Depth 35cm 30CM 90cm
Travel Speed 35m/min 15m/min 13m/min
Engine 6.5HP 6.5HP 13HP
Weight 95kg 82kg 282kg

400X300 2(1)

Plate compactor

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